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Adaptability, Innovation, Efficiency

Mobility & Versatility

Sort-Mech’s mobile screeners redefine on-site efficiency, featuring options like a homologated trailer for easy transport. They also offer an extended folding belt and a double drum for screening various grades, meeting diverse industry needs. From construction to scrap processing, their design is tailored to specific requirements.

Advanced Features for Better Performance

A key feature of our mobile screeners is a magnetic roller at the belt’s end. It separates magnetic from non-magnetic materials, especially useful in scrap screening. This and other innovative modifications make our screeners highly efficient in many applications.

A Variety of Drives for Every Application

Our range includes various drive options for mobile screeners, allowing customization to each client’s needs. We also provide quiet, eco-friendly operation with electric drive, available in both a single main motor and four motors for individual moving parts. The combustion engine, using both used and new diesel engines, offers power and reliability in tough conditions. Additionally, for greater flexibility, we offer PTO drive from a tractor and a hybrid PTO-electric with one motor, ideal for diverse applications.

Designed with the Customer in mind

Individual Customization

At Sort-Mech, we deeply understand client needs diversity, thus we precisely design mobile screeners to perfectly meet their specific requirements. Our commitment to individual product customization ensures they are highly efficient and practical across various industries. Moreover, each machine is carefully designed for maximum performance and durability, enhancing user value. Additionally, we offer not just equipment, but comprehensive solutions that effectively contribute to optimizing their work.

Contact Us

We invite you to contact us for more information about our mobile screeners and to find a solution tailored to your needs. Our specialists are ready to answer questions and assist in choosing the best equipment. With our experience, we guarantee professional advice and support at every stage of cooperation. We offer not just equipment, but comprehensive solutions tailored to your business specifics.

See Our Screeners in Action

Photos & Video

Check out the attached photos and video to see how our devices facilitate work. Clear visual presentations highlight the functionality and efficiency of our screeners. The demonstration video details ease of use and effectiveness in various working conditions.

Contact Us

We have solutions tailored to your needs — our screeners. Contact us to learn more about them.

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