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At Sort-Mech, we specialize in manufacturing drum screens, perfect for sifting soil, bark, coal, and other bulk materials. Additionally, our extensive experience ensures professional advice and machines tailored to each client’s individual needs.


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As a long-time manufacturer of screening machines, we follow best practices and technologies, ensuring the highest quality of our products.

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“I paid 50,000 złoty for the used machine, and it works great. Mine has a diesel engine, runs all day and maybe burns a maximum of 6 liters, while sifting tons. The efficiency depends on the material quality, whether it’s dry or wet, and the operator’s proficiency. I think it easily processes around 50 tons per hour.”

Mr. Kacper

“I definitely recommend Sort-Mech, which offers the highest quality machines. They tailor equipment individually to each customer’s needs.”

Mr. Piotr

“I highly recommend this great company, which provides expert advice and quick order fulfillment.”

Mr. Mateusz

“Complete professionalism, both in customer service and in the quality of services offered. Additionally, this company provides expert advice and quick order fulfillment. I definitely recommend!”

Mr. Wojciech

“I maintained very good contact with the company and received professional advice on choosing the right machine. Moreover, the production took place in a relatively short time. I sincerely recommend!”

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Frequently asked questions

Our machines are used for screening soil, bark, coal, wood chips, gravel, and other bulk materials.

The screening machines are manufactured in Poland. We design, produce, and assemble the screens ourselves.

We offer various types of screening machines, including:

Mobile screens, which consist of:

    • Electrically driven screen
    • PTO (Power Take-Off) driven screen
    • Electrically and PTO driven screen
    • Combustion engine driven screen

Stationary screens in various diameters.

More information about specific screens is available here.

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